GreenUtica Projects For Our Neighborhoods

For Our Neighborhoods

Greenest Block Competition - Get ready to show off your green thumb with a local Greenest Block in Utica Contest. More details to come!

GreenUtica Projects For Our Health & Wellness

For Our Health & Wellness

Yoga in the Parks - Pack your yoga mat and check out our events section or follow us on Facebook for details, dates, and updates!

GreenUtica Projects For Education

For Education

GreenUtica can help you facilitate field trips or youth nature/education programs in the parks. We are also looking forward to the creation of a GreenUtica lecture series.

GreenUtica Projects For Arts & Culture

For Arts & Culture

GreenUtica wants to provide more things to do in Utica with events in the parks like painting, music, sculpture, and more.

GreenUtica Projects For Access

For Access

The parks are a home away from home for our first and second-generation families who want to enjoy Utica's green spaces. GreenUtica wants to make our parks a regular stop on our transit routes in the city.

GreenUtica Projects For The Tree Canopy

Tree Canopy

GreenUtica will continue its mission of improving the Utica tree canopy and add to the more than 257 trees planted in its 20-year history. In the spring of 2023, GreenUtica planted 12 trees in the Sullivan Memorial Grove in F.T. Proctor Park and 52 trees on the Memorial Parkway. 

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