Trees and flowers enhance our natural environment, quality of life, and beautify our historic parks.

GreenUtica Tree Canopy Preservation

Benefits of Utica’s Tree Canopy:

  • Trees clean our air.
  • Trees help our physical and mental health by reducing stress and contributing to healthy development in children.
  • Tree canopies are home to our wildlife friends.
  • Trees give our area shade and help keep urban environments cooler by as much as 10 degrees.
  • Trees help clean our water supply.
  • Trees mitigate flood damage.
GreenUtica Planting and Care Tips

Could Your Green Thumb Be a Little Greener?

Check out our planting and care tips to learn how to grow and maintain beautiful seasonal flowers.

  • Choose the right flowers for the right season.
  • Understand the difference between annuals, perennials, and bulbs.
  • Choose flowers that attract pollinators.
  • Learn the best times to plant seeds, bulbs, and flowers in your flower beds.

Did You Know?

Utica's four main parks were designed by the Olmsted Brothers Firm over the course of 20 years, beginning in 1906?

Trees & Flowers FAQs