Planting Tips to Give Every Gardner a Green Thumb

Winter Flowers

At the end of fall, it’s time to winterize your garden so it will be in great shape for springtime. 

Helpful Tips

  • Clean out all weeds and cover your newly established perennial flower beds — established flower beds should be fine without cover. It’s also a good idea to cover new trees (or trees that deer love to munch on), shrubs, and rosebushes.
  • Move flower pots indoors, dig up any cold-sensitive bulbs, and plant cold-hardy spring flower bulbs.
  • Water and mulch your flower beds one last time before disconnecting the hose. Mulch helps keep moisture locked in all winter long, right through the spring thaw.

Seasonal Flowers

Green Utica Seasonal Flowers Winter Beauty Winter Beauty Honeysuckle
Green Utica Seasonal Flowers White Forsythia White Forsythia
Green Utica Seasonal Flowers Bodnant Viburnum Bodnant Viburnum
Green Utica Seasonal Flowers February Daphne February Daphne

Helpful Resources

From annuals to wildflowers and everything in between, this comprehensive guide from our partners at Cornell Cooperative Extension has tips on planting, flowers, garden design, and how to preserve flowers.